The Energy of
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All the energy of Compte-R and Fournier combined!

Compte-Fournier inc.

Compte-Fournier gives you access to all the experience and expertise of a group that has over 1,500 medium to high power installations throughout the world.

We are designer-manufacturers. Our team designs, manufactures, build, tests and provides support, on-site installation and maintenance. We can also support you in all types of analysis required for your project.

In addition to the high technical performance of our equipment, we surpass the competition by providing support and follow-up for your project, whether large or small, in fields such as:

  • Collectivities (district network heating, buildings, hotels)
  • Institutions (hospitals, universities, schools, public service buildings...)
  • Industries (industrial processes, dairy industry, wood industry)

Our boilers are manufactured in North America while respecting the technology and know-how of the European group Compte-R. This assurance of performance, reliability and quality also rests on the vast and solid industrial experience of group Fournier.

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