Biomass boilers

Various products, the same performance

Granul'Eco - Hot water pellets boiler

These boilers range from 200 to 1000 kW (20 - 100 HP) and use wood pellets or agro-pellets as fuel.

Their energy efficiency and power modulation are among the highest levels you could expect. These boilers are ideal for urban or remote setups where constraints in fuel delivery or availability favor the use of pellets.

A fully automated solution, from feeding to lighting, up to ash extraction suiting your energy needs in small-scale collectivities, residential buildings and light industries while respecting tight environmental emissions controls.


Compact Evolution - Our advanced technology in an intermediary boiler solution

All the advantages of woody biomass with these high-efficiency boilers ranging from 200 to 2,000 kW (20 - 200 HP). Fuels include wood chips, by-products from the wood industry, wood waste from wood transformation as well as many other non-traditional biomass types.

With automated feeding, lighting, ash and soot extraction, these boilers are ideal for institutions, industries, and small to medium sized district heating networks. These boilers accept biomass with a humidity content ranging from 5 to 55%.

With high energy efficiency, environmental performance, respect of tight emissions control regulations and flexible power modulation, you are assured of obtaining the maximum from your investment month after month.


Compact - The flagship of our advanced technology

Compact boilers integrate all our know-how with a power range of 1,500 to 10,000 kW (150 to 1,000 HP). Their high environmental performance, reliability and profitability is well recognized and make these boilers a sound investment for users seeking environmental gains and financial savings.

They are ideal for district heating networks, institutions and industries with important and variable energy needs. Fully automated, they offer wide power modulation and high energy efficiency that can be further amplified with economizers and condensers.

These boilers respect tight emission control regulations and can comply with the most stringent with additional filtering systems, innovative designs and construction processes.


Compact Steam and overheated water

With a power range of 1,500 to 9,500 kW (and more), these boilers are designed to adapt to your needs and installations. This product line offers 2,000 to 30,000 lbs/h of steam with 200 to 330 psi of vapor pressure, and overheated water at a pressure of 330 psi at 200 °C.

These boilers offer the same advantages, energy efficiency, environmental performance, and reliability than our typical product line. They are ideal for industries and institutions with specific needs such as high-pressure steam, energy for processes etc. Additional filtering systems, efficiency boosting equipments, and design refinements ensure compliance with the toughest local environmental regulations.


Overheated gas - Organic fluid

Overheated gas (as illustrated): With power ranging from 1,500 to 11,000 kW (and more), these high-efficiency boilers can meet your needs for overheated gas. They are ideal for industries seeking to switch to green and renewable energy in a reliable, dependable and high performance solution. Overheated gas is delivered between 200 to 600 °C.

Organic fluid: For thermal power ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 kW and more, they offer the highest reliability and yield for electrical/thermal cogeneration from biomass. With an organic fluid temperature of 320 °C, they offer a solution for producing green energy in remote areas and communities where traditional energy sources confront delivery and financial challenges.